About the Film

Over the past 15 years, a hidden online industry has grown around the promise that if a man uses special information and/or techniques, he will be more attractive to women, regardless of his looks or wealth. Some of the websites that sell these dating techniques are visited by millions of men per month, and some marketers are making millions of dollars a month selling these products. The subject matter has spawned a best selling book and even a television reality show.

Seduced seeks to answer a simple question: Does this stuff really work?

To find out, Seduced explores the underground dating coach industry from a student, teacher, researcher, marketer, and woman’s point of view.
For director Julian Stewart, what started as a late night curiosity turned into a 10 year odyssey. Are the millions of men searching for dating advice online are getting valuable help? Or are they being taken for a ride by crooks, con artists, and savvy marketers ready to separate them from their money, and shame them into keeping quiet about it?
To answer that question, Seduced doesn’t just expose the techniques dating coaches teach, it puts them to the test on hidden camera.

The film includes:
• Top dating coaches in the industry, who claim their “systems” allow anyone to consistently attract beautiful women.
• Top dating research psychologists discussing which techniques may or may not have any research supporting their effectiveness.
• Lonely students on a quest to become “Pickup Artists”, and ready to pay big money to learn how.
• “Superdaters” Men who have slept with at least 500 women.
Hundreds of women revealing what it’s like to be on the receiving end of these techniques.

What did we find out? Seduced reveals what works, what doesn’t, and who really might be getting “Seduced”.